How Genetics Can Move Your Story Forward

 Feb 28, 2017

What do genetics have to do with writing fiction? Everything.

The debate of Nature versus Nurture will likely rage on until the end of time, but the fact remains that many of our traits are down to simple genetics. Hair and eye color are just some of these traits that you have to keep in mind when creating a character. Here's how to get your genetics right.



Be a Bold Writer: Sentences

 Jan 31, 2017

Hesitant writing plagues many would-be storytellers.  Your sentences are supposed to lead your readers through a wonderful fictional experience – but who wants to follow a guide who is obviously insecure?  This article won’t tell you what to write, but give you tips on how to write firm, confident sentences.  


Editing Tips  

How to Breathe New Life into Old Fiction

 Jan 17, 2017

Every writer has them: stories you wrote and then forgot about, stories you could never quite get a handle on and have put away, or ones that got rejected into shameful exile at the bottom of the desk drawer. These are almost always worth another look, and with some tweaking they might turn into gems. Here’s how to breathe life back into an old story.