Be a Bold Writer: Sentences

 Jan 31, 2017

Hesitant writing plagues many would-be storytellers.  Your sentences are supposed to lead your readers through a wonderful fictional experience – but who wants to follow a guide who is obviously insecure?  This article won’t tell you what to write, but give you tips on how to write firm, confident sentences.  


Editing Tips  

How to Breathe New Life into Old Fiction

 Jan 17, 2017

Every writer has them: stories you wrote and then forgot about, stories you could never quite get a handle on and have put away, or ones that got rejected into shameful exile at the bottom of the desk drawer. These are almost always worth another look, and with some tweaking they might turn into gems. Here’s how to breathe life back into an old story.


Self Publishing  

Getting the Right Book Cover

 Jan 3, 2017

Your book’s cover is one of its primary selling points, alongside your cover copy. It may not feel fair that people will judge your words by the image they’re wrapped in, but it’s the way we work as people. We’re visually oriented. That glimpse of the cover will make all the difference in whether we read the blurb, never mind giving the whole book a go.


Market Your Writing  

Working Out Your Author Brand

 Dec 27, 2016

Succeeding as an independent author, or as a creative of any sort, isn’t just about selling books. It’s about selling yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you’re indulging in some sort of slave contract. It means convincing people to take an interest in you, to follow what you do, and to keep buying the things that you’re selling.

To do that, you need a strong author brand.