Breathing Life into Your Characters

 Nov 29, 2016

Good characters are real. They’re made from flesh, blood, and ink. They've got families and histories, likes and dislikes. Even the girl behind the register who only says two lines in chapter seven might have a quirky turn of phrase.

If you’re looking to write good characters, you need to get under their skin first. Here's a few tricks to help you do just that.



7 Things You Should Know about a Writer's Health

 Nov 15, 2016

Let's talk about your health. Every occupation has its hazards, and for writers, the list can be varied: from arthritis (Martina Cole) and spinal injuries that can make sitting down a real pain in the ass (Stephen King), to debilitating addiction (Hemingway). Are you as healthy as you could be?

Author's note: The internet makes for a terrible doctor. Consult yours if you've been experiencing health issues of absolutely any kind. The intent of this article is not to diagnose, but simply to alert you to the kind of symptoms for which you should be on the lookout.