Andrew Knighton

Andrew is a Yorkshire based ghostwriter, responsible for writing many books in other people's names. He's had over fifty stories published in his own name in places such as Daily Science Fiction and Wily Writers. His steampunk adventure series, The Epiphany Club, is out now in all e-book formats, and the first volume, Guns and Guano, is available for free from Amazon or Smashwords. You can find free stories and links to more of his books at and follow him on Twitter where he’s @gibbondemon.


Building a Fantasy World 101

 Mar 15, 2016

The process of creating an imaginary world is vital to fantasy. J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings emerged from an elaborate world building project, setting the tone for much of the genre. Even when you’re making a change to our world rather than building a whole new one, as Stephenie Meyer did with the vampires of Twilight, there’s still world building – thinking through the consequences of what you’ve added.


Point of View (POV)  

First Person Point of View

 Mar 1, 2016

First person point of view is one of the most natural voices to write in, but that doesn’t make it straightforward to use. First person perspective allows intensity of experience and freedom of voice, but limits the information you can reveal. It also carries certain assumptions that have to be overcome to use it effectively.