Andrew Knighton

Andrew is a Yorkshire based ghostwriter, responsible for writing many books in other people's names. He's had over fifty stories published in his own name in places such as Daily Science Fiction and Wily Writers. His steampunk adventure series, The Epiphany Club, is out now in all e-book formats, and the first volume, Guns and Guano, is available for free from Amazon or Smashwords. You can find free stories and links to more of his books at and follow him on Twitter where he’s @gibbondemon.

Market Your Writing  

Marketing Your Book Online

 Oct 31, 2016

All authors have to be marketers these days. It’s true of those in the mainstream publishing industry, whose publishers spend most of their marketing budget on the biggest names. It’s doubly true for independent authors, who are entirely dependent upon their own effort to sell books.

The internet lies at the centre of modern book marketing. So how do you go about marketing there?



The Power of Genre

 Aug 3, 2016

It’s sometimes said that genre is a bookseller’s issue, not a writer’s one. Genre exists to group books together so that readers can find something they like. As such, it’s more about the business of writing than the creative side.

While there’s a lot of truth in this, it doesn’t change the fact that genre is important. It affects the way we read and the way we write. It can be a powerful tool for any author.