Beth Browne

Beth Browne’s work has appeared in many fine journals, most recently BlotteratureWalter Magazine, and Fine Linen. She is pleased to have a story forthcoming in Cruising World. A photo essay appeared in Shadowgraph Quarterly. In addition to writing and photographing, Browne manages a large farm and homeschools her two teenagers. Most weekends, she sails the North Carolina coast with her sweetie, Eric. Beth loves to network, so look for her on her websiteFacebook and Twitter


How to Handle Rejection Like a Pro

 Mar 8, 2016

Both of my new writing buddies are English majors. At the café where we meet, I offer up my hesitant little poems with great trepidation. I’m terrified. I want so badly for my work to be good. Mitzi’s poems are lyrical, evocative and moving. Veronica is a master of line, rhythm and imagery. I feel like the dumb sister. Mitzi and Veronica are wonderful at finding the good in my work, for which I am deeply grateful.