Dimitri Gat

Dimitri Gat is a long-established professional writer. He has been an editor for the Harvard University Library, a librarian at Mount Holyoke College, a member of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst English department, a technical writer and data analyst with the Emhart Corporation and an independent consultant and contractor for other major US corporations. He writes thrillers, mysteries and women-in-jeopardy novels under his name and pseudonym, C. K. Cambray.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Writing Good Dialogue

 Mar 1, 2016

Astute fiction fans often look first at a novel’s dialogue structure when debating whether or not to read on. It provides instant insights into the writer’s ability and experience. If you want your fiction to vault this hurdle, make sure your dialogue is on firm ground when it comes to punctuation marks, capitalization, and tags. Here’s a look at dialogue’s basic building blocks.