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Social Justice Warrior

Jun 20, 2017   •  

This prompt could be an opportunity to comment on a currently controversial s...     more »

Social Media Superstar

Jun 13, 2017   •  

I often wonder about the lives of people who have achieved social media fame....     more »

Money For Free

Jun 6, 2017   •  

Who wouldn’t want a wad of cash handed to them? What if it happened in a very...     more »

Secret Society

May 30, 2017   •  

Are secret societies the stuff of legend, or do they actually exist? Try writ...     more »

Whisked Away

May 23, 2017   •  

Vacation isn’t always as fun as it’s meant to be. This prompt explores the me...     more »

Behind The Scenes

May 16, 2017   •  

I always wonder what goes on during the filming of my favorite television sho...     more »

And The Winner Is…

May 9, 2017   •  

Celebrity awards season always makes me feel conflicted. Do the rich and famo...     more »

Death By Carrot

May 2, 2017   •  

I grew up with a sibling who disliked carrots to the point of near hysteria....     more »