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Indirect Fight

Apr 25, 2017   •  

Why is it so hard to communicate openly when you’re mad at someone? This prompt explores fightin...     more »

Purple Rain

Apr 18, 2017   •  

We all have an artist or song that greatly inspires us. This prompt is an homage to that feeling...     more »

New Point of View

Apr 11, 2017   •  

It can be very easy to fall into writing protagonists who are very similar to...     more »

The Assistant

Apr 4, 2017   •  

This prompt could evolve into a classic odd couple comedy, or the beginning o...     more »

Healthy Obsession

Mar 28, 2017   •  

I’ve recently been thinking about the ways in which people become obsessed wi...     more »

The Newspaper

Mar 21, 2017   •  

With the internet being an ever-present source of information and the decline of print media, wh...     more »

A Day In The Life

Mar 14, 2017   •  

This could make an interesting study on an existing character, or become the beginning of a new...     more »

Long Distance Relationships

Mar 7, 2017   •  

Tragedy and trauma seem to bring people together more than triumph. This prompt looks at how tra...     more »