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10 Ways to Increase Your Fiction Writing Productivity

  •   Mar 21, 2016   •  

Let’s admit it: for most novelists, finding time to write is a real hassle. We usually can’t affo...     more »

How Characters Could Get You Blacklisted

  •   Mar 17, 2016   •  

What’s the easiest way to enter a reader’s Hall of Shame?Writing flat, boring, or unconvin...     more »

How to Come Up with Endless Fresh Story Ideas

  •   Mar 15, 2016   •  

Check out Re:Fiction's first varticle, and learn how to tap into an endless fountain of fres...     more »

Building a Fantasy World 101

  •   Mar 15, 2016   •  

The process of creating an imaginary world is vital to fantasy. J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord o...     more »

How to Handle Rejection Like a Pro

  •   Mar 8, 2016   •  

Both of my new writing buddies are English majors. At the café where we meet, I offer up my hesit...     more »

Saidism: Fifty Shades of "Said"

  •   Mar 1, 2016   •  

You know that moment. Your character has just spoken, and it’s time to add that little ident...     more »

Third Person Omniscient Point of View

  •   Mar 1, 2016   •  

Third person omniscient (all-knowing) point of view allows a writer to present a lot of informati...     more »

The Nuts and Bolts of Writing Good Dialogue

  •   Mar 1, 2016   •  

Astute fiction fans often look first at a novel’s dialogue structure when debating whether or not...     more »