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Getting Through Your First Draft

  •   Feb 19, 2016   •  

From Idea to NovelTwo years ago I got an idea. That night was clichéd to the point of pa...     more »

Make Your Dialogue More Effective

  •   Feb 18, 2016   •  

I walked into the local Starbuck’s for my customary morning doppio. Sipping standing, I eavesdrop...     more »

How to Bring a Character to Life

  •   Feb 17, 2016   •  

Characters are the core of any good story. If we care about a person, then we want to know what h...     more »

Do These Five Weak Words Undermine Your Writing?

  •   Feb 16, 2016   •  

Your goal as a writer is to construct captivating stories in which people can lose...     more »

How to Keep Your Passion Burning

  •   Feb 15, 2016   •  

Ah, the fresh start of a novel. How I love it: the excitement of meeting new characters, the limi...     more »

Five Common First Scene Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  •   Feb 13, 2016   •  

Your first scene has a critical job. It has to snare your reader’s attention and keep it riv...     more »

How to Make the Most of Your Minor Characters

  •   Feb 12, 2016   •  

When you’re writing a novel, you’re going to spend a lot of time fleshing out the main characters...     more »

Twelve Beginner Writing Mistakes (And Easy Solutions)

  •   Feb 11, 2016   •  

Everybody has to start somewhere, right?Look at Stephen King. The man has written ove...     more »