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Growing Thicker Skin: How to Handle Rejection and Criticism

  •   Mar 28, 2017   •  

Let’s face it, sometimes criticism sucks. It can come in the form of a scathingly bad review, or...     more »

How to Choose the Best Market for Your Short Story

  •   Mar 21, 2017   •  

Writing short stories is a great way of practicing the craft of writing. They are satisfying to w...     more »

5 Ways to Turn Writing Gaffes into Writing Gold

  •   Mar 14, 2017   •  

It happens to the best of us. The worst happens.We publis...     more »

The Key to Writing Fresh Fiction

  •   Mar 7, 2017   •  

With so many brilliant works already out there, staying fresh is more and more of a challenge for...     more »

How Genetics Can Move Your Story Forward

  •   Feb 28, 2017   •  

What do genetics have to do with writing fiction? Everything.The debat...     more »

What to Put in the Back Matter of Your Book

  •   Feb 21, 2017   •  

The back matter of your books is a powerful marketing tool. Anyone who has read that far is clear...     more »

Be a Bold Writer: Marketing

  •   Feb 14, 2017   •  

Promotion is often difficult for writers, but you can’t sell a book unless people hear of it. I k...     more »

Be a Bold Writer: Storytelling

  •   Feb 7, 2017   •  

Readers expect engaging storytelling and may stop turning pages if you don’t give it to them. &nb...     more »