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Be a Bold Writer: Sentences

  •   Jan 31, 2017   •  

Hesitant writing plagues many would-be storytellers.  Your sentences are supposed to lead yo...     more »

Launching Your Book in Five Steps

  •   Jan 24, 2017   •  

One of the most important elements in marketing any book is getting the launch right. This is dou...     more »

How to Breathe New Life into Old Fiction

  •   Jan 17, 2017   •  

Every writer has them: stories you wrote and then forgot about, stories you could never quite get...     more »

How to Promote Your Novels by Guest Blogging

  •   Jan 10, 2017   •  

Many people will tell you that creating a blog is a great way to promote yourself and your works....     more »

Getting the Right Book Cover

  •   Jan 3, 2017   •  

Your book’s cover is one of its primary selling points, alongside your cover copy. It may not fee...     more »

Working Out Your Author Brand

  •   Dec 27, 2016   •  

Succeeding as an independent author, or as a creative of any sort, isn’t just about selling books...     more »

Making Ends Meet: How to Write a Good Ending to a Story

  •   Dec 21, 2016   •  

If there’s anything writers struggle with even more than beginnings, it is endings. Imagine you’v...     more »

Writing the Perfect Back Cover Copy (Blurb) for Your Book

  •   Dec 13, 2016   •  

Good cover copy, the description of your book that appears on the back and on the pages of online...     more »