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3 Approaches to Landscape in your Story

  •   Dec 6, 2016   •  

Landscape can be a great source of atmosphere and inspiration in a story. From the desert planet...     more »

Breathing Life into Your Characters

  •   Nov 29, 2016   •  

Good characters are real. They’re made from flesh, blood, and ink. They've got families...     more »

6 Tricks to Make You Better at Self-Editing

  •   Nov 22, 2016   •  

Self-editing is a tricky business. You need to do it to better understand how you write and to cr...     more »

7 Things You Should Know about a Writer's Health

  •   Nov 15, 2016   •  

Let's talk about your health. Every occupation has its hazards, and for writers, the list can be...     more »

How to Keep Your Butt In the Chair (When Everyone Wants You Out of It)

  •   Nov 14, 2016   •  

Do you want to accomplish your writing goals? According to one of the web sites I frequent, it wo...     more »

Marketing Your Book Online

  •   Oct 31, 2016   •  

All authors have to be marketers these days. It’s true of those in the mainstream publishing indu...     more »

Marketing Your Book Offline

  •   Oct 31, 2016   •  

For indie authors in particular, online marketing has become the most efficient way to sell books...     more »

Writing a Press Release for Your Book

  •   Oct 31, 2016   •  

The press is an important way of getting attention for your book. Whether you’re approaching loca...     more »