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Making the Most of Marketing on Goodreads

  •   Oct 31, 2016   •  

Goodreads is one of the internet’s greatest gifts to authors. A social networking site built arou...     more »

Why You Need a Mailing List and How to Grow One

  •   Oct 26, 2016   •  

A mailing list is one of the most vital tools in the professional author’s arsenal. What makes it...     more »

How to Get Book Reviews like a Pro

  •   Oct 25, 2016   •  

Reviews can make or break a book. They provide social validation, showing that people like your b...     more »

Should Writers Blog? The Answer Might Surprise You

  •   Oct 21, 2016   •  

So, should writers blog?Yes. Absolutely.But also, no.Depending on the way yo...     more »

Common Publishing Terms and Their Meaning

  •   Oct 14, 2016   •  

You’ve secured an offer from a prestigious publishing company. You’re so excited that you want to...     more »

How Long Should My Story Be?

  •   Oct 5, 2016   •  

Different lengths of story serve very different purposes. Partly this is about the art: how big i...     more »

How to Query a Literary Agent

  •   Sep 30, 2016   •  

You’ve r...     more »

Pitching to a Book Agent at a Conference

  •   Sep 27, 2016   •  

So you’ve chosen the literary agent of your dreams, and he’s coming to a writing conference near...     more »