Author Tal Valante

Tal Valante has been writing science fiction and fantasy from a young age, and she can't seem to kick the habit. When she’s not busy crafting fictional worlds, she’s buried in heaps of programming code as webmistress to Riptide Publishing, and as a new entrepreneur with Readership Pro. You’re welcome to connect with Tal on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Tal Valante's Contributions:

How to Be a Writer

  •   Feb 3, 2016   •  

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How to Carve Out Some Writing Time in Your Busy Schedule

  •   Feb 4, 2016   •  

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12 Ways to Break Through Writer’s Block

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Engaging the Reader With a Tight Point of View

  •   Feb 7, 2016   •  

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Four Things Your First Chapter Must Do

  •   Feb 8, 2016   •  

Quick question: What do you do to get a reader to read your second chapter?Wow them with t...     more »

Characterization DOs and DON’Ts

  •   Feb 9, 2016   •  

You've come up with a round, strong character that will fascinate your readers. But how do the re...     more »

Treat Your Writing Like a Six-Figure Business

  •   Feb 10, 2016   •  

There are writers, and then there are writers.You know what I mean. Some people t...     more »

Twelve Beginner Writing Mistakes (And Easy Solutions)

  •   Feb 11, 2016   •  

Everybody has to start somewhere, right?Look at Stephen King. The man has written ove...     more »