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Victoria Grossack is the author of Crafting Fabulous Fiction: Levels of Structure, Characters & More, and a whole bunch of other stuff. You can read about her at

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How to Promote Your Novels by Guest Blogging

  •   Jan 10, 2017   •  

Many people will tell you that creating a blog is a great way to promote yourself and your works....     more »

Be a Bold Writer: Sentences

  •   Jan 31, 2017   •  

Hesitant writing plagues many would-be storytellers.  Your sentences are supposed to lead yo...     more »

Be a Bold Writer: Storytelling

  •   Feb 7, 2017   •  

Readers expect engaging storytelling and may stop turning pages if you don’t give it to them. &nb...     more »

Be a Bold Writer: Marketing

  •   Feb 14, 2017   •  

Promotion is often difficult for writers, but you can’t sell a book unless people hear of it. I k...     more »

Self-Publishing Tips, Part 1: Formats and Covers

  •   May 16, 2017   •  

You’ve written and edited your book, and it’s time to get it published. Now what?  You can p...     more »

Self-Publishing Tips, Part 2: Let's Talk Money

  •   May 22, 2017   •  

Self-publishing is no guarantee to riches, but you want to maximize your earn...     more »

Self-Publishing Tips, Part 3: Your Rights and Theirs

  •   May 30, 2017   •  

Rights matter in at least three major ways when you self-publish an e-book:     more »