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Lisa Kalma

Lisa Kalma

Question: Traditional publishing or self-publishing: what do you think?

Once upon a time, I would have said traditional publishing all the way. The prestige, the acknowledgement, the marketing!

But now, I’ve come to realise that when you publish traditionally, you lose a lot of creative control and you don’t always get the support you’d expect or hope for (unless you’re a huge name). Sure, it’s a lovely thing to say “I’m published by (enter one of the big 5 here)”, but I think with the technological advances in the indie space and a slow but sure mindset shift within the community (we’re not all the way to believing indie is as good as trad... yet!) there’s a lot of positive aspects to indie publishing. I’m in the throes of self-publishing my first children’s book, and although a bit daunting, I think with the right mindset, commitment to learning, and a bit of persistence, it’s absolutely doable! I’ve seen many people do very, very well in the indie space, and I’m a believer!

About Lisa Kalma

Lisa Kalma is a writer, educator, book lover, and designer of planners and notebooks.
She has written many short stories, is a semi-finalist in the 2018 NYC Flash Fiction Challenge, and is currently publishing her first children’s picture book ‘My Llama Drama’.

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