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Paula Puolakka

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Question: What do you love most about writing fiction?

It’s a light way to address the issues that concern the importance of Nature, the needs of our elderly folk, our children, the sick and the weak, and the importance of protecting the lonely women in our society.

About Paula Puolakka


My stories have appeared under my own name and under a pseudonym. Nowadays, I use only my real name since I have already accomplished a kind of a firm and colorful basis as a writer and the magazines and publishers have that way evidence that I can write and I have been approved by different publications and people in the past in the U.S. and U.K. without them knowing straight away that I live in Finland. The wrecking of the prejudice and narrow-minded thinking of people have been my biggest task as a writer and as a person, too. In Finland, I have been shunned by many since I am a highly educated woman with a mind of her own and though I have been working to bring out the Truth and the ideas of the two men I have the grandest respect towards, Wittgenstein and Kaczynski, especially the Finnish guys have shown me many forms of disrespect and they have tried to force me under the label of “men hating feminist” even though my heroes are the men of action. With the ladies, I have experienced many forms of jealousy and envy and also the thieving of my work, so mostly nowadays I keep to myself and concentrate on my work. I’m a social person, funny, happy and loving, too, but many times solitude is bliss.

I am bilingual. My father spent his childhood and youth in Canada, Vancouver B.C. and English was the second language of my childhood. Before becoming a writer, I worked as a tutor, a school assistant, and a gardener. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days but the world has changed into something that has made even the most natural activities unnatural and I feel like a fish on the sand. The spreading of technology and the new innovations have turned even Nature into something that should be viewed through barcodes. There is no logic, it seems to me. 

At the moment, I am a free writer and I enjoy the feeling of getting a story or two out with different publishers and not being tied with long-term contracts. The last time I had a contract, here in Finland, it ended up with me having to sue the publisher because they failed to pay me my fees. The issue with people, sometimes, is the fact that they think that a female writer is not ready to fight for her rights. And when you wreck this illusion, they act like they are the ones who are being insulted. In life, many times, you have the urge to punch people in the face but then you remember that at least, you are not rotting inside a cell because of a greater injustice and this makes you feel gratitude and love and you continue to spread the Truth.


  • Hi Paula,
    Arts Quarter Books will be bringing out the next in the series round about June. I hope you will consider contributing a piece. Arts and Minds has been well received but we hope to be a bit more ‘Cutting Edge’ in the rest of the productions. You seem like the one to do it!

    In the meantime thanks for the Bio.


    Robin H

  • For Robin.
    Thank you for the message. Yes, of course, I would love to write a piece for Arts Quarter Books. Let’s keep in touch.

    I wish you the best day of your life.

  • 3/8/2019

    Dear readers,
    I’m happy to tell you that I was awarded the 2nd prize in Dreamers and MLK Poetry Contest (North Carolina, USA.) Please, show support to Bowens Chapel. Below the winning poem for everyone to read.

    Also, the team of Edify Fiction (greetings Alabama, Texas, and Florida) informed me that the next issue will be out soon. The new issue and the old issues are free to download as PDF. My story “The Truth” covers the emotional, mental, and social problems our teenagers are facing because of social media.

    I wish you the best day of your life.


    Dreams in perspective

    There are 7.7 billion people on Earth,
    so it takes time for God and Nature to move the pieces around to make your wishes come

    Sometimes you don’t have the time to get what you want,
    but what you got was what you truly needed.

    Put the things in perspective.
    If you have a roof over your head, food, water, warmth, and a chance to take care of your
    hygiene in privacy, then you have more than the poor children and women in Brazil, Spain,
    or Romania who lost everything when the mining dams of the big companies collapsed.

    Are you taking flights to Hawaii or France just to “enjoy life” and because you don’t know how to use the “extra dough?”
    The minerals to produce the parts for the airplanes came from the mines of Brazil, Spain, and Romania
    and there are 800 more poison dams ready to collapse around the world,
    maybe even near your city.

    So, whose dreams are we fulfilling and what wishes are truly worth making if the cost is some poor child’s or woman’s life?
    Could the “extra dough” be put into something else than one’s egocentric needs?

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