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Question: What is the best writing tip you’ve ever heard?

I've looked up and received plenty of writing tips (even passed some myself to fellow confused writers), but one that resonates with me the most (and could even be applied to several other aspects of life) is that you shouldn't expect to get something perfect the first time. Never be afraid to create because you fear screwing up, because that's how writer's block tends to start. Push that thought out of your head and commit something to a blank page -- whether it's an entire chapter, a paragraph, or even a single sentence.

You have all the time in the world to make changes: to add or subtract details, to refine what needs polish, and/or to fix what looks broken. But to change something, you first need to create. You can't fix what doesn't yet exist.

About Jose(ph)

I'm a struggling writer-for-fun who's been writing for a decade and a half, with a few works here and there (most of them are still trapped in my hard drive, but some are floating in cloud storage). I also have an odd fantasy novel that's close to five years in the making -- nearly three of which and counting being spent in limbo thanks partly to academic obligations that sapped my time, but mainly to a dry creative well that has yet to be replenished. Until my creative rain rituals start bearing fruit, though, I'm passing my writing time shooting small random literary bullets into the sky.

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