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Jeremy Port-Tuckett

Jeremy Port-Tuckett

Question: What is your greatest difficulty when writing fiction, and how do you overcome it?

Me. Quite simply. I am my own worst critic. I know criticism can be good but sometimes I get annoyed by myself. For so long I have had terrible self doubt. It would eat me up. In the early days of my writing I was immature, unable to put my experiences into words, and oh dear, have I had some experiences. But these all accounted for nothing when it came to writing.

The best thing that I ever did was to attend a course. I met some great people there, some great writers. We had a wonderful tutor and following the course we set up our own writing group. We meet every Monday evening, read our stories and grow as writers. At the end of each term we have a little Flash Fiction competition between ourselves. The most important things I learned was that I am a good writer and that criticism is a wonderful thing. It doesn't mean you can't write, it means you can listen. Oh, and of course, I now write every day. Even if it is only a shopping list.

About Jeremy Port-Tuckett

I am Jeremy. I live with my wife and son, our daughter having grown up and flown the coop. My hometown is Plymouth; UK., it's where I was born and grew up, learning to explore the world around me and the world in my imagination. It's also the place where I gained my degree; BA Honours degree Drama in the Community from The University College of St Mark and St John. At an early age I developed a love for books. I don't have a particular favourite genre. Believe me, I wish I did. It might make writing easier. Ha.

My fiction includes murders, ghosts, horror, death, more murder and plenty, plenty, of deaths. I've tried my hand at sci-fi and romance. Once or twice I've written stage plays. Well, I would wouldn't I? Everything for me is about people; people are interesting whether they are good, bad, angelic or evil. If you fancy, why not visit my website (I do struggle to maintain, please be patient). There you will find some of my short stories and shorter Flash fiction. Don't be afraid. None of these actually happened.

Or did they?

Anyway, have a look. If you like what you see, why not leave a comment? I don't care, leave a comment anyway.

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