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Question: Traditional publishing or self-publishing: what do you think?

Well, for me I feel self-publishing is easier than traditional publishing.
First, because you have much more freedom in your writing, and you don't need to worry that you will be denied from being published.
Also, traditional publishing costs so much, and if you're not well known, it makes it harder to become traditionally published.
Also, the traditional publishing company can edit what you wrote and you don't have much say about it because they are the ones who are publishing you.
Self-publishing, you are in charge of what you want to have in your book and on your cover. There are some limitations, yet you have all the freedom for your writing and no one can edit your work but you.
You will be guaranteed to be published and it's a lot more reasonable in price, buying your books for yourself.
Plus, it doesn't cost much to you, just time, and energy.
And there are websites which can walk you step by step on your own to publish and to help you put all the final details together.
So, it's about what is going to make the most sense, and where you feel your book will benefit from.
Self or traditional publishing, it all depends upon your own preferences, I just hope that I gave you some advice to help you decide.

About Angel

I'm a published author of my first book on PTSD called Little Girl Lost: A Real Story of PTSD.
I am also an intuitive reader and life coach and a lead singer in Lluvsikangel, an alternative rock band. I have two sons, Anthony and Sebastian, they are my life.
I'm blessed to be alive every day. I've lived through a life of traumatic experiences and I'm a warrior who is empowered in charge of my life and helping many people now find their own way.
I'm very outgoing and passionate about everything that I do, and I became a grandmother recently of two boys too.
I've grown up in group homes, went to many schools, yet still found a way to make it to college and take what happened to me, to change it, into a positive outcome.
I was diagnosed with PTSD at age 26, and that didn't stop me from pursuing my own goals.
I've achieved so much and I'm ready for much more.
I'm in the process of writing my second book, and I'm here to support the people who are still suffering from PTSD, and if I can make a difference in one person's life, then my life has had meaning.

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