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Linda Juliano

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Question: What do you love most about writing fiction?

The most basic answer one could give: the creating of the characters and their story. I have so many stories in my head, waiting their turn to be “put on paper”. Allowing a story to unfold is such a thrill. I don’t know where they come from, but they accumulate in my mind like weeds in a garden. Okay, good weeds; pretty weeds. Yes, they exist! And my favorite part of the creative process is revision. Call me crazy, I like revising. I like adding the skin to the bones. Arranging the bones has it’s pros as well, but applying the skin is challenging in the most thrilling way.

About Linda Juliano

I’m a novelist and short story writer of women’s fiction, literature and romantic-suspense. I am not, however, limited to those categories. I grew up in the Pacific NW (Oregon) where I developed my love of most outdoor activities (boating, downhill skiing, hiking and so much more), but now reside in San Francisco, CA. with my husband and sons. I like to stay active and fit, but I profess I’m a true chocoholic. I’m sure I don’t have any other shortcomings. None.

My first novel, Cadence Beach, can be found (and purchased) on Amazon at amazon.com/Cadence-Beach. You can find some of my short stories and flash fiction work at Literaryjuice.com (literaryjuice.com/over-the-edge Oct. 2017 issue-Over The Edge), Adelaide Lit.magazine (adelaidemagazine.org Apr. 2018-The Blue Hat) and at Across the Margin Magazine (acrossthemargin.com/caged May 2018-Caged).

I invite you to follow me on my Facebook author page, Goodreads, or at LindaJuliano.com.