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Dr. C.K. Phillips

Dr. C.K. Phillips

Question: Traditional publishing or self-publishing: which is the future?

Although traditional publishing set the bar for quality of works, it no longer is a viable option for most new authors. Many, many writers are completing books now and are looking for the best avenue to get their works in print (or electronic). With so few traditional opportunities, they are choosing to go the indie route. With the choice to self-publish, authors don't have to wait months (or years) in order to get their books in the market. In addition, by self-publishing, they retain all the control over their content, titles, and covers. That is good if they are skilled enough to create quality or if they contract with others to edit and create covers. The big obstacle for self-publishers is the marketing; however, even if they go the route of traditional publishing, unless they are already big names, they still have to create a marketing plan. Considering these options—and, toss in the fact that software today can help authors create well-formatted manuscripts—the future for most authors is that of self-publishing.

About Dr. C.K. Phillips

I am a lifelong educator, having taught from upper elementary through doctoral-level courses at the university level. I have three highly-rated novels on Amazon (Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense genre). In addition, I have a couple of creative writing courses on Udemy. I also have started editing/proofreading for other authors, both on Fiverr and through my own contacts.

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