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Johnny J Rodriguez

Johnny J Rodriguez

Question: What do you love most about writing fiction?

What I love most about writing fiction is the challenge of making something that is not real feel like it happened. Unlike fiction, nonfiction is under no obligation to make sense. 

However, fiction has to exist in the world of the possible, the tangible and logical. So telling some crazy story can be challenging with the restrictions of fiction; regardless of genre. If a dragon flies towards the castle, it’s because the author gave it wings. It is still grounded in the tangible and the logical. That challenge is what I am addicted to.

I once wrote a story about a Coast Guard helicopter being shot down. The greatest compliment I have ever received was from a Coast Guard veteran that asked me, “When did this happen?” The fact that I wrote a fictional story about a helicopter being shot down that was so real, a Coast Guard veteran thought it had actually happened; was one of the greatest moments I have had as a writer.

Any story can be told through fiction. It’s the author's job to make it sound like it did.

About Johnny J Rodriguez

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. When I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed outside of my inner city apartment. It was a rough neighborhood and I was okay with staying inside. My daydreams became an escape from my every day.

I would use my imagination to create new worlds, then explore them. I realize now that it wasn’t just daydreaming, but I was honing a skill. Placing story and drama where it didn’t exist. That’s storytelling.

After spending time in the US Coast Guard and the US Air Force, I settled in Connecticut, where my wife and I run a small real estate business.

My writing started as a hobby and quickly became my passion. I started a website for my writing called: Today I’m putting my daydreams to work in my blog, my short stories, and in my upcoming novel, In a Bold Manner.

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