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Pam Dankins

2019-04-04 Pam Dankins 2019-04-04 Pam Dankins

Question: What do you love most about writing fiction?

I have a strong passion for writing fiction because my creativity is shown through an imaginary perspective. Personally, it took me a long time to figure out that what I was looking for in other people was actually, something I was looking for in myself. The hardships I faced when I was younger took me down a path of twists and turns, which helped me gain a third person view on myself and my actions to realize that instead of looking for other people to be social with, I needed to be that friend for myself. I needed to know how I feel about the situations I encounter on a daily basis, and I needed to lose the fear of expressing that to others and myself. I understood the best way to express myself is by writing. I had to find a way to be myself that involves not looking towards other people for the answers, so I found a simple but enjoyable way to spend time with myself. Sometimes I’ll want a change of scenery, and I can find somewhere public because I can write anywhere. For instance, if I’m at a movie with my friends, and something catches my eye, I can simply jot it down in my notes on my phone. By looking for different forms of creating and pursuing a desire to gain a deeper understanding of life, I learned to embrace the passion I have for living in the moment. By having gratitude for the things that are in my life, I’ll leave no mental space to focus on the things that aren’t there. I continue to create my own flow of writing to attract other people because trying to latch onto someone else isn’t always a good choice and depending on others can lead me down a path of despair and missed connections. Fictional writing is my escape from the real world.

About Pam Dankins

I am an 18 year old Senior at Amory High School who is a factual and creative writer who is striving for a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. I have a passion for scenery photographs, and I am an Author of my self published poetry book “The Colors Painted by My Heart”. I have currently finished writing 3 short-stories and 7 poetry books, plus I am currently working on self-publishing my 2nd poetry book.

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