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Anthony Rout

Anthony Rout

Question: What do you love most about writing fiction?

I have been described as having a highly active and wild imagination since a child. As a fiction writer, I have been able to simply sit and allow my imagination to take me and my potential readers on a journey full of strange and wonderful ideas, characters and places. Writing Sci-fi and Fantasy Fiction is like blowing bubbles in a jar full of a thousand colours; it's both beautiful and frightening. I love how my creativity comes to life and no matter how bonkers the ideas may be, they are exciting to explore and put into words.

About Anthony Rout

I was born and raised in the shadow of a mighty castle. Sounds like a great opening to a story, right? I'm from a small Welsh town, and at its heart sits a castle. I have always been inspired by it. When I became a father, my son inspired me to start writing again, so I began with a few short stories.

Below is a link to some of the stories I have written/started.

I have written stories in various genres, from different perspectives, challenging myself to explore and develop myself and my writing. I haven't been writing long, but I plan to be writing for a long time to come.

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