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Yvette Crawford

Yvette Crawford

Question: What is the best writing tip you've ever heard?

The best I ever heard actually came from me talking to myself. I had to remember that Rome was not built in a day. I reminded myself to take my time and relax. When the words are ready, they would find me. After that it was so much easier; I remembered that the only clock I was on was my own.

About Yvette Crawford

My first book was birthed from a place I know many women can relate to. That place is called pain and rejection. Instead of turning to bad habits, I chose to write.

You can find Yvette's book Reflections of a Lonely Heart at

About the book:

Many people can relate to being Single, Saved and still Waiting. This book is not just about a girl named Shon story but it’s for every person who has ever been in this situation. This book explains why it’s so important to be lead by God and not by the flesh. This is for those who said "I’m happy with God alone" but behind closed doors you were yearning for that attention only the opposite sex could give. Women go through a lot, but it’s hidden behind fake smiles and false laughter. Reflections of a Lonely Heart was birthed from pain and rejection, and Shon could be me, but she could also be you.


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