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Ikuejamofo Afolabi

2019-05-23-ikuejamofo-afolabi 2019-05-23-ikuejamofo-afolabi

Question: What is your greatest difficulty when writing fiction, and how do you overcome it?

How to have a compelling beginning has been my major challenge. But after a while, I have gained a mastery of the process through constant writing and editing for other upcoming writers here in Africa. To me, writing is an art which requires constant practice. Therefore, I am learning along. The line, just as every art, requires attention. And this informs why I wasted no time in joining this group.

About Ikuejamofo Afolabi

I am a Nigerian who is looking forward to being a key player in the drive toward an international literary revolution. In trying to achieve this, I consider it very germane to be a part of this forum.