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Lisa Colodny

2019-06-06-Lisa Colodny 2019-06-06-Lisa Colodny

Question: What is your greatest difficulty when writing fiction, and how do you overcome it?

From my earliest writing recollections, I’ve always struggled with the ending. My sophomore Literature teacher would return paper after paper with a note, include an ending! The older and hopefully (wiser) me uses note cards and chapter outlines. I have an idea of how the story’s going to end before I start writing.

About Lisa Colodny

I grew up in the rolling hills of Kentucky with an eclectic collection of extended family and friends who were usually the focal point of my story. Although I still retreat back to my grandfather’s house in Ky, I’ve made my home in Florida with my daughter and 3 dogs. Please check out my website at www.lisacolodny.com

Lisa can also be found online at her Amazon author page (amazon.com/author/lisacolodny), on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lisarcolodny/ and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/colodny_lisa