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Jon Bradbury

Jon Bradbury

Question: What is the best writing tip you've ever heard?

To be a good writer you need to read. Read anything and everything you can. You might find a writing style that might become your own personal style. Doesn't matter what you read -- news, features, sports, scholarly journals, science fiction -- just read.

You might also pick up tips of your own.

About Jon Bradbury

Jon Bradbury is a published author with nearly 20 published novellas and short stories to his credit. His career began when a publisher gave him a chance. The rest is history.

When he isn't writing or editing, Jon is constantly reading, listening to music, watching TV, surfing the web, and spending time in the kitchen. He is also an ordained priest with the Church of Christ of Latter day saints.

Find out more about Jon and his writing by visiting his website:
Safe for work. :-)

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