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Rosemary Jenkins

Rosemary Jenkins

Question: Who is your favorite author and why?

Samuel Clemens (better known as Mark Twain) is certainly among my favorite authors. His style is authentic and engaging and draws a reader right into the settings of his historical fiction novels. He offers insights, invites introspection and reflection, challenges perspectives and standard viewpoints, and provokes questioning of commonly held beliefs and assertions. He utilizes humor and drama to produce works that have lasted the test of time and which will continue to do so for each new generation that takes advantage of the opportunity to read his masterpieces and learn from his genius. His life's history and writing style lend themselves to inspiring that new generation of writers, not just to emulate what he has already done but to help them find within themselves that kernel of imagination which can eventually become the basis for creating impressive works of their own.

About Rosemary Jenkins

Born in Detroit, Rosemary Jenkins has spent most of her life in California. She is a graduate of UC, Santa Barbara, with degrees in both English and history and a minor in the humanities with an emphasis on historical religious studies. She earned her teaching credential there and taught for more than 37 years in the Los Angeles Unified School District where she served as a master and mentor teacher and coordinated many programs (including riveting presentations by Holocaust survivors).

She is a Democratic activist, serving as a Los Angeles County and State delegate and advocating for many policy issues--labor campaigns (including minimum wage), LGBTQIA issues, education, immigration, economic justice, and equality.

Ms. Jenkins has written numerous columns on a variety of socio-economic-political issues for The Los Angeles Times, LA Progressive, and City Watch LA and wrote a series about the various ethnicities that have influenced the development of Los Angeles.

Ms. Jenkins authored A Quick-and-Easy Reference to Correct Grammar and Composition; Leticia in Her Wedding Dress and Other Poems (in English and Spanish and student-illustrated), and Vignettes for Understanding Literary and Related Concepts. Her historical fiction novel, The Southern Phoenix, addresses the Black experience in America during the 20th century. Her non-fiction book, Juvenile Offenders: from Big Wheels to the Big House, focuses on crime, punishment, justice reform, and includes a number of autobiographical articles written by inmates regarding their respective journeys from youth through their crimes and punishment, restorative justice, re-integration. The book also contains many of their drawings, poems, and vignettes as well as a number of articles by Ms. Jenkins and other experts on this pressing subject. The foreword is by Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

Married for over 40 years to her soul-mate, she finds enormous pleasure in her children, her grandchildren, and in her amazing, supportive friends and colleagues.

Video interviews with Rosemary Jenkins about her most recent books can be found at:

More information is available about both books on the publisher's website at

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