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Chiara B. Condorelli

2019-07-11-chiara-b-condorelli 2019-07-11-chiara-b-condorelli

Question: Traditional publishing or self-publishing: which is the future?

A mix between the two: the freedom to express your thoughts without any external influences (but responsibly), which is common in self-publishing, combined with the marketing strategies and tactics that are common in traditional publishing.

In every bookstore, it’s easier to see traditionally published books than self-published books, despite the fact that some traditionally published books contain huge grammatical/editing mistakes and some self-published books were written and edited with extreme care. But which books are promoted the most? The traditionally published ones.

Therefore, a mix between the two forms of publishing would be ideal.

About Chiara B. Condorelli

First of all, I’m a reader. Then I’m the author of four Italian books and three English books published on CreateSpace and Amazon: “I Mal Benedetti”, “(Non) per tutti i giorni”, “Stelle in Alta Definizione”, “Addio, ci vediamo dopo”, “Fáil-te: A short story”, “The Rebel Murphy: A short story” and “Slán To Sláinte – A short story”.

Chiara can be found online at: