Community Highlight:
Alicia Caldwell Henderson

2019-08-05-alicia-caldwell-henderson 2019-08-05-alicia-caldwell-henderson

Question: What do you love most about writing fiction?

The thing I love most about writing fiction is having the opportunity to impact lives. When a person sits down to read a book, they become vulnerable to the story forming around them. Even if they have never personally experienced what they’re reading, they now know what the given situation is like through the experiences of characters. I don’t take this opportunity lightly. I write to inspire others.

About Alicia Caldwell Henderson

Alicia Caldwell Henderson, author and educator, was born and raised in London, KY. At 15, she moved to Jacksonville, FL with her family. She holds a BA in Communications and an MS in Educational Psychology. Since 2002, she’s been in the business of “impacting lives,” first working for non-profit organizations to now teaching Reading and Language Arts in secondary education.

Alicia can be found online at https://linktr.ee/aliciacaldwellhenderson