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Eileen Harrison Sanchez

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Question: Traditional publishing or self-publishing: which is the future?

The future (and present) is the best of both traditional and self-publishing. Hybrid publishing has been my choice. It is a much needed alternative in a rapidly changing publishing world. The best of the hybrid publishers vet submissions, has an active distribution for titles and successful backlist titles. It’s an entrepreneurial model which is author subsidized yet has a partnership with longevity of the working relationship. The author’s financial risk comes with a higher royalty percentage on print and e-book. My publisher is She Writes Press (SWP), the 2019 Indi Publisher of the Year. It has traditional distribution with Ingram Publishing Services. SWP is an advocate for me as an author and for my title. Freedom Lessons – www.eileensanchez.com will be available on 11/12/19.

About Eileen Harrison Sanchez

Eileen is retired after a 40-year career in education. She started as a teacher and ended as a district administrator. She is a reader, a writer, and a perennial – a person with a no-age mindset. Family and friends are the most important parts of her life followed by traveling and bird watching from her gazebo.

Eileen has been writing part time for seven years with a writers’ group in Summit, NJ (www.writerscircleworkshops.com). She is a member of the Historical Writers of America, Historical Novel Society, Philadelphia Stories Writers Community, Goodreads American Historical Novels Group, and several online writers’ groups.

Email: eileenwrites@comcast.net
Website: eileensanchez.com
Facebook: Eileen Sanchez – Author Page @eileensanchezwriter
Twitter: Eileen H Sanchez @EileenHSanchez
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