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Pen and Paper Dr

Pen and Paper Dr

Question: Traditional publishing or self-publishing: which is the future?

I believe self-publishing will be the future, but not so soon. There is so much upcoming authors need to achieve first before they can become self-publishers. 

One, they need to learn about formatting. You have to format your book to ebook and other formats. Second, you need to be connected. Uploading your book on Amazon is not everything, you need to make more connections. Lastly, even though you can publish your book, you will need an editor, someone you know you can trust with your book. 

So for me, self-publishing is the future but still a long way.

About Pen and Paper Dr

Daniel Mugaviri was born 27 Jan 1989 in Zimbabwe. He moved to South Africa years back. He had a challenge in publishing his books because of finance. He recently had a breakthrough when Ukiyoto published his first book, You Are Not Alone, He is now ready to publish his second book, Night of Armageddon (fiction). His plans are to become a full-time writer. If he is not writing, he focuses on his charity organisation, were he supports homeless people. Here is the link to his Facebook page:

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