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Imania Margria

Imania Margria

Question: What do you love most about writing fiction?

For me, the best part about writing fiction has little to do with the process but the aftermath. I love the impact my stories have on my readers. I love when my readers feel a powerful connection with the characters and the struggles they face on their journeys. When I see readers write about how much they loved my stories and related to the characters in them, it’s my greatest reward. The whole reason I write is to emotionally connect with and/or inspire my readers; so, I want them to relate to each character and understand their individual struggles and circumstances as if they were their own, whether or not the character is likable. When readers connect and understand a fictional character and their journey, those are the best moments in any writer’s life, because those are the moments when their character truly becomes alive. They are the moments when I as a writer feel my goal for that story has been accomplished.

About Imania Margria

Imania Margria is an internationally quoted author and poet. She was born on September 29, 1991 in Livingston, New Jersey. She spent the first twelve years of her life growing up in East Orange, until moving to Kearny, New Jersey. She is of Native American, African and European descent. The native tribes she descends from are the Shinnecock, Cherokee, and Blackfoot tribes.

Margria's passion for writing was sparked when she was very young. She loved to read classic novels, such as Black Beauty, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, the Nancy Drew/ Hardy Boys novels, and The Invisible Man. She also adored reading works from classic and modern poets, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, and Maya Angelou. Reading these different pieces inspired Margria to compose her own works of poetry and fiction.

For more updates on Margria and her upcoming projects, follow her sites at

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