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Michelle Connor

Michelle Connor

Question: What is the best writing tip you've ever heard?

Just write and write some more. Get the words on the page and finish the story you want to tell. Even if what you're typing is so bad it makes you cringe, keep going. Later, editing is your friend. You can take the rubbish you first wrote, take out all the filler and repetitive words and polish it until you turn it into something to be proud of and worth reading.

About Michelle Connor

I live on the North East coast of England in a town called Grimsby. I've been with my husband for twenty two years. We have three children together; our youngest is almost eighteen. She is the princess of the family and has two older brothers. As well as writing, I love to paint, draw, and take lots of photographs. I have a great intrigue for history and spend many a summer's day hunting for castles and ruins to visit. I think this comes through in my first novella series as it is set in the medieval era.

You can find me at the following places:

Links to my work:
Where Ravens Soar:
Hers To Save:
The Ghost of Grym:

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