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Joey Ledford

Joey Ledford

Question: What do you love most about writing fiction?

When you sit down at that keyboard, you're entering a world that you created. You set the rules; what you say goes. The problem is those pesky characters. They definitely have a mind of their own, and they have a tendency to get out of control and say or do things you didn't expect. And even though it's your world and you make the rules, they live there, and I respect their right to live as they please. Virtually every time it happens, I end up liking where it takes the story. It leads me to unexpected places, and that's when writing fiction really gets fun.

About Joey Ledford

Joey Ledford began writing at age 15, covering his high school sports teams for his hometown's weekly newspaper. That led to a career in journalism which included eight years with United Press International and 20 years as a columnist and editor with The Atlanta Journal Constitution, the largest newspaper in the Southeast.

He started writing novels as a hobby, with Speed Trap, his first, being published in 2014. Cal Bocock, a young Georgia state trooper, finds himself pitted against a town of evil cops who run a crooked speed trap where literally anything goes when it comes to abusing out of state motorists. The second novel of the Cal Bocock Adventure Series is called Elkmont: The Smoky Mountain Massacre. Bocock, now an FBI Special Agent in East Tennessee, must solve an unthinkable mass slaying in a popular Great Smokies campground that somehow is linked to another mass killing decades earlier. Ledford is now working on book three in the series.

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