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Fran Driscoll

Fran Driscoll

Question: What is the best writing tip you’ve ever heard?

  • Keep track of “Golden” lines and great opening or “Hook” sentences. 
  • Write what you know, and especially the genre you read most. 
  • A good critique group is worth the time you put into it. 
  • Read your book aloud when you do line edits. It will make mistakes obvious. 
  • Finish the book. Don’t stop. 
  • Let the characters speak for themselves if they need to, but don’t quit writing.

About Fran Driscoll

Fran Driscoll moved to the beautiful Gulf Coast from Milwaukee, Wisconsin decades ago, but the Packers will always be her team. She loves reading only slightly more than writing, has a sweet husband, three wonderful children, and way too many dogs. Inspirational romance and mystery, as well as the occasional short story or poem, are her other babies. She’s a member of West Mobile Writers Group & co-Vice President of the Mobile Writer's Guild.

Her books can be found at

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