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Biju Vasudevan

Biju Vasudevan

Question: Traditional publishing or self-publishing: which is the future?

Although I am an Indie, I firmly believe that the present and also the future belongs to Traditional Publishing.

Indies, like me, are usually lone rangers, hunting, prowling, and foraging alone, always lying in the wait for a reader who may be interested and convinced. Usually, the Indies have other day jobs to take care of, as the amount that one makes from writing is meager and inconsequential. Independent Authors also do their own bit of harakiri and self-flagellation by unleashing half-baked and drab, insipid, and listless fare on the general public. Therein lies the biggest lacuna, the greatest stumbling block for Indies, which is the absence of any form of Quality Control.

As a result, the general public perception is that an Indie is not trustworthy, and they may end up spending money on some limp damp squib. Besides, one man is no match for an entire bevy of editors, proofreaders, beta-readers, marketers, advertisers, agents, etc. that only a traditional publisher can afford for an author. The other alternative is being born in a billionaire's house, which is a very tough ask for most of us.

Unless you have your book featured at all airports, railway stations, kiosks, book stores, etc, where people can physically pick up your work and peruse through it, and unless you are featured in traditional newspapers and magazines, nobody is ever going to notice you.

Over and above, an Indie will be treated with a lot of caution and circumspection, as if one were trying to foist some counterfeit goods or bootlegged stuff on innocent and unsuspecting folks. And the Indies who really unscrupulously dump insufferable muck all over the place only reinforce this perception about us.

So, I believe that to succeed, you need to have a team, and to have a team, one needs to be traditionally published, as it's not possible for everybody to be born rich and hire a posse of editors, marketers, etc. Independent Publishing can make your voice heard and that is about all of it.

About Biju Vasudevan

Biju Vasudevan is a graduate mechanical engineer and is currently working as AGM in SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant.

He has a yen for the beautiful language of English and he is a creative musician in addition to being an independent author and poet. He has independently published seven books, the details of which can be seen from Many of his works like The Molecular Slaves and The Next Door Raghu have won him international critical acclaim from independent critics.

His books are very diverse, and they cover a whole gamut of literary genres. Here are a few examples to further illustrate and elaborate. His debut novel, THE CONTRACT, is a crime and action suspense thriller with a spiritual message. THE MOLECULAR SLAVES is a satire, KAMAYAKSHIPURAM is sensuousness, humor, and horror, YAKSHIPURAM is the children's version of Kamayakshipuram i.e. humor and horror--sensuousness omitted. LYING IN STATE is a suspense murder and science-fiction action thriller, THE ONAM RHYME AND OTHER PASSAGES FROM TIME is a compendium of poetry.

His book THE MOLECULAR SLAVES has been featured in the prestigious Kirkus Literary Magazine of the USA, where his writings have been favorably compared to the legendary American humorist and satirist Kurt Vonnegut. His book Kamayakshipuram has been described by Western literary critics as being Kafkaesque, that is resembling the writing of legendary German writer Franz Kafka. Vasudevan was recently awarded the first prize in the Asian Literary Society’s Poetry Contest.

His latest book, THE NEXT DOOR RAGHU, is wickedly funny and consists of mainly adventure, lots of humor, and also some insight into the principle of not underestimating anybody. Children are going to love this one. It will be a great read for adults too, who are interested in a wholesome and highly entertaining read.

Biju Vasudevan's books can be found at

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