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David Jenkins

David Jenkins

Question: What is your greatest difficulty when writing fiction, and how do you overcome it?

Editing is my greatest difficulty as it's when one of my other projects (I normally have two or three going at once) at the idea stage starts to look more appealing. This is because editing involves lots of changes for me and can be nit-picky and dull at times. Grammar and typos are one of my problems, and to spot these mistakes easier, I use Grammarly and Pro Writing Aid. Then there is the more in-depth editing where I'm looking at the tension in the story, whether the dialogue is working etc. and to fix this, I go over the same section several times before letting my local writer's group have a look at it. After reading through their feedback, I act on it, then leave the project alone for a few weeks before coming back to it with a fresh pair of eyes for the final edits.

About David Jenkins

David Jenkins writes short stories, novels, comics, anything really in the sci-fi, horror, and fantasy genres. A variety of his articles and reviews have appeared on Mass Movement and Attack on Planet B among other sites. Gardens, Galaxies and Goosebumps is his first short story collection, featuring vegetable politics, goblins, and aliens among other delights.

You can connect with him at

Gardens, Galaxies and Goosebumps can be found at the following links: for UK Paperback for UK Kindle for US Kindle for Canada Kindle

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