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Re:Fiction is featuring writers of all ranks and genres, including you!

Aspiring writers, best-selling writers, prolific writers, single-book writers — they can all teach us something new about the writing process or the writing life.

Here is your chance to meet writers like yourself and find inspiration, wisdom, and affirmation, let alone to gain exposure to potential readers and promote yourself.

Application Guidelines

Please read these guidelines before you apply.

  1. We’ll be highlighting a new author every Monday and Thursday. New highlights will appear on Re:Fiction’s homepage, as well as in the Community Highlights archive.
  2. A writer cannot be featured more than once. All highlights will remain on the website until further notice.
  3. Every feature contains an interview question. You can choose your favorite question from the list we supply.
  4. Every feature contains a short bio with an option for links. Use this space to help people connect with you. No affiliate links, please.
  5. Every feature contains an image of the author. Personal photos only, please. Photos must be PG-rated.
  6. All features will be moderated and edited before publication.

Apply Here:


Your name or pen name will be displayed in your Feature.
Your email will never be shared. We only need it to contact you regarding your Feature.
Choose a single interview question to answer.
Please answer your chosen question in 50-300 words.
Upload a real photo of yourself. Your photo will look its best on Re:Fiction if you upload a square headshot, with your face in the center of the photo. Other kinds of photos might not display optimally.
Tell us about yourself in 25-300 words. Your bio will be displayed along with your interview answer. You may include links to your works, website, blog, etc. No affiliate links, please.