Meet our team of contributing writers, who make Re:Fiction the great resource that it is.

Alex J Coyne is an author, freelance journalist and language practitioner. He has written for international publications and blogs, been featured on radio and appeared in NB Publishers’ Skrik op die Lyf, an Afrikaans horror collection. Visit his website and get in touch at http://alexcoyneofficial.wordpress.com.

Alex Khlopenko is a Ukrainian writer, freelance journalist, and Editor-in-Chief of a literary journal - Three Crows Magazine. He has a lot of opinions on fantasy books and publishing industry which he never hesitates to share on his twitter @alexkhlopenko and blog

Andrew Knighton is a Yorkshire based ghostwriter, responsible for writing many books in other people's names. He's had over fifty stories published in his own name in places such as Daily Science Fiction and Wily Writers. His steampunk adventure series, The Epiphany Club, is out now in all e-book formats, and the first volume, Guns and Guano, is available for free from Amazon or Smashwords. You can find free stories and links to more of his books at andrewknighton.com and follow him on Twitter where he’s @gibbondemon.

Bartholomew Klick writes comics for Ramen Empire and gaming errata for Blimpfort Productions in addition to slinging fiction wherever he can. Check out his latest short story, Flowers in the Pyramid! He is prolific on Facebook, very likely to return friend requests, and unapologetically political.

Beth Browne’s work has appeared in many fine journals, most recently BlotteratureWalter Magazine, and Fine Linen. She is pleased to have a story forthcoming in Cruising World. A photo essay appeared in Shadowgraph Quarterly. In addition to writing and photographing, Browne manages a large farm and homeschools her two teenagers. Most weekends, she sails the North Carolina coast with her sweetie, Eric. Beth loves to network, so look for her on her websiteFacebook and Twitter.

Brittany is the author of children’s books, Young Adult novels and books of poetry. She is a member of The America Associate of Authors and Writers, and the International Association for Writers and Editors. You can view Brittany’s website at www.brittanynicolelewis.com

Brittany has an Associate’s degree in Education, and prior to beginning her writing career, she worked as a preschool teacher, a Sunday School teacher, Vacation Bible School teacher, and as a private tutor for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Brittany has been featured on Business Minded EntertainmentBuzzFeedNew Hollywood and in Close My Lips Magazine, as well as many blogs.

She has 120 interviews and appearances currently booked for 2019 including an appearance on the Down East Today show, various radio shows and magazine features.

Carol Ayer's credits include short fiction published by Woman's WorldI Love Cats, and True Story. Her debut cozy mystery, The Princess and the Poison, releases on August 9. It's available for preorder at Barnes and Noble. Visit Carol's website at www.carolayer.com.

Chrys Fey is the author of Write with Fey: 10 Sparks to Guide You from Idea to Publication. Catch the sparks you need to write, edit, publish, and market your book! From writing your novel to prepping for publication and beyond, you’ll find sparks on every page, including 100 bonus marketing tips. Fey is an editor for Dancing Lemur Press and runs the Insecure Writer’s Support Group’s Goodreads book club. She is also the author of the Disaster Crimes series. Visit her blog Write with Fey for more tips. @ChrysFey https://www.ChrysFey.com

Dimitri Gat is a long-established professional writer. He has been an editor for the Harvard University Library, a librarian at Mount Holyoke College, a member of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst English department, a technical writer and data analyst with the Emhart Corporation and an independent consultant and contractor for other major US corporations. He writes thrillers, mysteries and women-in-jeopardy novels under his name and pseudonym, C. K. Cambray.

Find him at LinkedIn and Upwork

Jennifer Brown Banks is an award-winning blogger, content creator, author and creative strategist. For more than a decade, her work has appeared in top-tier print and online publications including: Pro Blogger, Men With Pens, Write to Done, Life Hack and Tiny Buddha.

She manages Coffeehouseforwriters.com. When she's not at the keyboard, you'll likely find her in hot pursuit of a good bargain sale. Learn more at: http://Penandprosper.blogspot.com

Jessica Wood is a British freelance arts and culture writer and an amateur fantasy author with a degree in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and now living and working in Finland with her husband, who is also a writer. She has previously had work published in The Bath Chronicle, Fan/Slash Fic, Craft Your Content, Blueink Review, and Mythic Scribes and is currently a contributing writer for The Culture Trip. You can see more of her work at woodthewriter.com.

Jim Curtis received his BA from Vanderbilt University, and his PhD from Columbia University. He was a professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia for 31 years, and is now Professor Emeritus. He uses his freedom from teaching responsibilities to write short stories and screenplays, give art lectures, and meditate.

Josh Hanagarne is a 6'7", 270 pound performing strongman, and the author of The World's Strongest Librarian, which got rave reviews from The New Yorker, O Magazine, People, Parade, and many others. His first novel, The Dreams of John Weaver, is on its way. PS: once he arm-wrestled Stephen King and let him win. You can follow him on Twitter at @joshhanagarne, and at his blog, The World's Strongest Librarian.

Kaitlin R. Branch lives in Nebraska in the company of two cats and her husband Michael.  She writes Fantasy and Romance books and will graduate with her MFA in creative writing in January of 2018.  Her goal is to visit 50 countries before she dies.  She's up to 15.

Kathryne Lee Tirrell is a former staff writer and editor for Paramount Cards. Her non-fiction work has appeared in Writer's Digest Magazine, Rhode Island Prime Time and honeycolony.com. Several essays have been published in Woman's World and Stories of Strength, and she sold a children's story, "Maxwell Mouse, the Powerhouse" to Humpty Dumpty's Magazine.

Kimberly Nichols is a writer and artist living in Los Angeles. She has been published in many literary journals and publications over the years including the Los Angeles Times, Vice, Wine Enthusiast, Phantom Seed, Poet, Small Spiral Notebook and 3 AM Magazine and is the author of the book of short stories Mad Anatomy (Del Sol Press). She currently critiques art for Artdependence Magazine based out of the Netherlands. More work can be seen online at www.kimberlynicholsstudio.com

Laura Ojeda Melchor holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts and spends her days chasing after her adventurous toddler. A freelance writer and fiction novelist, she lives in Alaska with her family. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, exploring Alaska, and going for walks in her delightfully foresty neighborhood.
For her fiction, she’s represented by a fantastic agent at Upstart Crow Literary. She’s also a contributing writer for Book Riot. You can find her at her online home, lauraojedamelchor.com.

Levis Keltner is the author of Into That Good Night (Skyhorse, 2018). He is the co-founder and managing editor of Newfound and teaches writing at Texas State University.

Marisa D. Keller is a freelance editor and writer. She’s happiest when she’s elbow-deep in an edit, feeling the bones of a story and helping to make them strong. She never tires of talking about emotions, on or off the page.

Find her on her websiteFacebook page, or brand-new Twitter account.

Matt Cates is a retired Air Force veteran and history buff. He holds a BS in History, a MFA in Creative Writing, and the University of Cambridge's Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. He was courtesy faculty at Oregon State University, and has had a handful of strange short fiction published. His college thesis made the quarter finals in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel contest (but has yet to be published!). He's the author of the self-published speculative fiction book, "Haveck," and has written several well-received freelance pieces for Upwork clients. Currently he lives abroad (cheaply) with his family, and has no immediate plans to return to the rat race of full-time employment.

You can find him on Amazon at his author's page.

Mihaela Nicolescu was born in Romania, brought up in Sweden, and then spent 13 years in London, where she completed her MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck College, University of London. She now lives in Perth, WA. Mihaela’s stories have been published in various journals and magazines. She enjoys working with people who are passionate about reading and writing, and she runs workshops for readers and writers (on everything from the philosophy of creativity to the practicalities of editing).

Mihaela was short-listed for the 2014 TAG Hungerford Award, and her short story collection, The Whip Hand was published by Fremantle Press in December 2016 (www.fremantlepress.com.au/products/the-whip-hand). Website: www.mihaelanicolescu.com

Nick Brown is the British author of the 'Agent of Rome' historical adventure series. The sixth book, 'The Earthly Gods', is published this summer. As a freelance writer, he has also 'ghosted' science fiction novels and contemporary thrillers. His website is nickbrownauthor.com.

Pat Aitcheson writes fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. She won first prize in the 2017 HE Bates Short Story Competition. She contributes a monthly story to a local lifestyle magazine.

Her work is featured in four published anthologies and will soon appear in fire: an anthology by Lonely Willow Press.

Her non-fiction, revolving around writing and creativity, appears in numerous publications on Medium. Visit her blog 2squarewriting.com. Twitter @pat_aitcheson

Rachel Brooks has worked as a ghostwriter and written roughly 60 novellas for her clients. When she is not busy chronicling fiction, she works as a copywriter for various companies. She is also quite proudly the web media manager of Shiloh-Goshen Foundation Ghana.

Rachel Phillips is a freelance content writer and novelist. By day, she writes blog posts for marketing firms and realtors to generate leads and improve their SERPs with content that solve readers' problems. By night, she writes (sometimes trashy, sometimes artsy) novels that she is in the process of self-publishing under various pen names.

Re:Fiction is an online magazine devoted to helping fiction writers thrive.

We believe the great writers of tomorrow are out there even now, honing their skills and polishing their yet untold stories. We want to shine a beacon of encouragement, information, and inspiration for you. We want to celebrate the authentic voice you bring to the world. And we want you to enjoy your way along the path of the writer.

Ricardo Elisiário is a frenetic freelance writer for hire. He should probably act more like the agricultural engineer he is, yet you’ll find him creating copy and content for websites, print… and his own amusement, as he’s up to becoming the new Dickens someday.
To find out more about this Lisbon-born wifey-lover, visit his website or say hello @wRicardowrites.

Ron Knight is the Co-Founder of the 9 Minute Reading ChallengeCo-Founder and author of 9 Minute Books, author of over 50 books including fiction for adults, teens, middle-grade, elementary, ghost writer of 14 books, author of Untraditional Publishing & 12 Month Author Marketing Plan.

Siana-Rose Crawford is a self-published author of three books; two dark fantasy novels and one self-help book on coping with anxiety and depression. She is also a mental health advocate and wellbeing blogger, alongside being a freelance writer. Get in touch with her on her website www.thewriteway.me

Suzan L. Wiener has had many articles on writing, especially fiction at publications such as T-Zero. Verses, and has five books out. Three of her books are fiction and two for poetry. She's been writing for 20+ years.

Tal Valante has been writing science fiction and fantasy from a young age, and she can't seem to kick the habit. When she’s not busy crafting fictional worlds, she’s developing new software for writers, like a website builder and a writing prompts application, as the CEO of Litwise Ltd.

Tamar Sloan really struggled writing this bio because she hasn’t decided whether she’s primarily a psychologist who loves writing, or a writer with a lifelong fascination for psychology. Somehow she got lucky enough to do both. Tamar is the author of the PsychWriter blog – a fun, informative hub of information on character development, the science of story and how to engage readers. Come and explore it at www.psychwriter.com.au. Tamar is also an award-winning author of young adult romance, find out about her Prime Prophecy and Touched by Love series at www.tamarsloan.com.

There’s one thing that Tamar’s sure about though, is that she loves to connect with lovers of the written word. You can find her on Twitter or Facebook.

Taylor Harbin is a professional historian from southeast Missouri. Easily distracted by the internet, he composes all of his work on a manual typewriter. His fiction has appeared in Bards and Sages Quarterly magazine. He can be reached through his blog at www.gutsofimagination.blogspot.com.

Tinthia Clemant is an earth witch who lives in a secluded spot on the Concord River. Her companions include Harlee, a black and white Borador; Shadow, an elderly black cat who still rocks at catching mice; a few hundred wild Mallards, plus assorted turtles, songbirds, snakes, hawks, herons, and an American bald eagle. Besides writing Tinthia enjoys reading, painting, gardening, photography, and movies (the more explosions the better). As an ice cream aficionado, Tinthia insists that Ben and Jerry are the two most perfect men ever created.

Victoria Grossack is the author of Crafting Fabulous Fiction: Levels of Structure, Characters & More, and a whole bunch of other stuff, including novels based on Greek mythology and Jane Austen Fan Fiction. The Meryton Murders: A Mystery Set in the Town of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice is available on Audible, while Jocasta: The Mother-Wife of Oedipus and The Highbury Murders: A Mystery Set in the Village of Jane Austen’s Emma are in production. You can read about Victoria Grossack at www.tapestryofbronze.com.