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Meet our team of contributing writers and editors, who make Re:Fiction the great resource that it is.


Rachel Brooks

Rachel Brooks has worked as a ghostwriter and written roughly 60 novellas for her clients. When she is not busy chronicling fiction, she works as a copywriter for various companies. She is also quite proudly the web media manager of Shiloh-Goshen Foundation Ghana. Powered by Froala Editor Read More »

Rachel Phillips

Rachel Phillips is a freelance content writer and novelist. By day, she writes blog posts for marketing firms and realtors to generate leads and improve their SERPs with content that solve readers' problems. By night, she writes (sometimes trashy, sometimes artsy) novels that she is in the process of self-publishing under... Read More »

Re:Fiction Magazine

Re:Fiction is an online magazine devoted to helping fiction writers thrive.We believe the great writers of tomorrow are out there even now, honing their skills and polishing their yet untold stories. We want to shine a beacon of encouragement, information, and inspiration for you. We want to celebrate the authentic... Read More »

Ricardo Elisiário

Ricardo Elisiário is a frenetic freelance writer for hire. He should probably act more like the agricultural engineer he is, yet you’ll find him creating copy and content for websites, print… and his own amusement, as he’s up to becoming the new Dickens someday.To find out more about this Lisbon-born... Read More »

Robin Lanehurst

Robin Lanehurst grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and is currently writing from Houston, Texas, where they live with their wife and small menagerie of pets. They studied Sociology and Women’s Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. Robin works in mental... Read More »

Siana-Rose Crawford

Siana-Rose Crawford is a self-published author of three books; two dark fantasy novels and one self-help book on coping with anxiety and depression. She is also a mental health advocate and wellbeing blogger, alongside being a freelance writer. Get in touch with her on her website Powered by Froala... Read More »

Suzan L. Wiener

Suzan L. Wiener has had many articles on writing, especially fiction at publications such as T-Zero. Verses, and has five books out. Three of her books are fiction and two for poetry. She's been writing for 20+ years.Powered by Froala Editor Read More »

Tal Valante

Tal Valante has been writing science fiction and fantasy from a young age, and she can't seem to kick the habit. When she’s not busy crafting fictional worlds, she’s developing new software for writers, like a website builder and a writing prompts application, as the CEO of Litwise Ltd.You can... Read More »

Tamar Sloan

Tamar Sloan really struggled writing this bio because she hasn’t decided whether she’s primarily a psychologist who loves writing, or a writer with a lifelong fascination for psychology. Somehow she got lucky enough to do both. Tamar is the author of the PsychWriter blog – a fun, informative hub of... Read More »

Taylor Harbin

Taylor Harbin is a professional historian from southeast Missouri. Easily distracted by the internet, he composes all of his work on a manual typewriter. His fiction has appeared in Bards and Sages Quarterly magazine. He can be reached through his blog at Powered by Froala Editor Read More »

Tinthia Clemant

Tinthia Clemant is an earth witch who lives in a secluded spot on the Concord River. Her companions include Harlee, a black and white Borador; Shadow, an elderly black cat who still rocks at catching mice; a few hundred wild Mallards, plus assorted turtles, songbirds, snakes, hawks, herons, and an American bald... Read More »

Vanshika Gulati

I’m a freelance copywriter, who started out as a little girl unwilling to pause in the middle of a novel. Over the past eight years, I’ve read over 600 novels, and non-fiction books. I tried my hand at writing fiction, but life kept interrupting my to-be-bestseller novel. Maybe someday…Powered by... Read More »

Victoria Grossack

Victoria Grossack is the author of Crafting Fabulous Fiction: Levels of Structure, Characters & More, and a whole bunch of other stuff, including novels based on Greek mythology and Jane Austen Fan Fiction. The Meryton Murders: A Mystery Set in the Town of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice is available on... Read More »

Sharrisse Viltus

Sharrisse Viltus is a freelance writer based in Honolulu, Hawai’i. She specializes in blog writing and articles about marketing, writing, and entertainment pieces. Before becoming a freelance writer, she graduated from Bridgewater State University with a B.A in English and Public Relations. When she isn't working on her own creative... Read More »

Katelynn Watkins

Writer and editor Katelynn Watkins is a self-described word nerd currently based in Wilmington, NC. In addition to working with Re:Fiction and taking on clients independently, she writes for local and regional magazines and edits works of fiction for Parliament House Press and Regal House Publishing. She earned an MFA in popular... Read More »