Editing Tips


How to Breathe New Life into Old Fiction

  •   Jan 17, 2017   •  

Every writer has them: stories you wrote and then forgot about, stories you could never quite get...     more »

6 Tricks to Make You Better at Self-Editing

  •   Nov 22, 2016   •  

Self-editing is a tricky business. You need to do it to better understand how you write and to cr...     more »

The World of Editing: Types, Costs, and Best Practices

  •   Sep 5, 2016   •  

Too many writers rush from a finished draft to a printed novel. True, once you write “The End” yo...     more »

Self-Editing Tips that Will Save You Time and Money

  •   Sep 3, 2016   •  

No one writes a perfect first draft. Before you send it off to a publisher or to a hired editor,...     more »

How Writing A Comic Strip Made My Fiction Better

  •   Aug 22, 2016   •  

Writing comics has made my long-form fiction better. It forces me to think in original...     more »

Ten Ways to Annoy Editors and What You Should Do Instead

  •   Jul 1, 2016   •  

Annoying an editor is the fastest route to manuscript rejection. These ten tips, which I've learn...     more »

Ten Ways Self-Editing Can Make Your Manuscript Better

  •   Jun 23, 2016   •  

Editing your own work, whether it's headed off to another editor or about to see the light as a s...     more »