How to Market Your Writing


How to Stay Popular in the Fiction Writing World

  •   Apr 18, 2017   •  

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Are You Missing This Often Overlooked Venue of Marketing Your Writing?

  •   Apr 11, 2017   •  

About a week ago, three of the scariest-looking guys I’ve ever seen walked up to me...     more »

What to Put in the Back Matter of Your Book

  •   Feb 21, 2017   •  

The back matter of your books is a powerful marketing tool. Anyone who has read that far is clear...     more »

Be a Bold Writer: Marketing

  •   Feb 14, 2017   •  

Promotion is often difficult for writers, but you can’t sell a book unless people hear of it. I k...     more »

Launching Your Book in Five Steps

  •   Jan 24, 2017   •  

One of the most important elements in marketing any book is getting the launch right. This is dou...     more »

How to Promote Your Novels by Guest Blogging

  •   Jan 10, 2017   •  

Many people will tell you that creating a blog is a great way to promote yourself and your works....     more »

Working Out Your Author Brand

  •   Dec 27, 2016   •  

Succeeding as an independent author, or as a creative of any sort, isn’t just about selling books...     more »

Making the Most of Marketing on Goodreads

  •   Oct 31, 2016   •  

Goodreads is one of the internet’s greatest gifts to authors. A social networking site built arou...     more »