Point of View (POV)


Third Person Omniscient Point of View

  •   Feb 26, 2016   •  

Third person omniscient (all-knowing) point of view allows a writer to present a lot of informati...     more »

Third Person Limited Point of View

  •   Feb 24, 2016   •  

Third person point of view has various subtle shades within fiction. There’s disagreement on the...     more »

First Person Point of View

  •   Feb 22, 2016   •  

First person point of view is one of the most natural voices to write in, but that doesn’t make i...     more »

Engaging the Reader With a Tight Point of View

  •   Feb 7, 2016   •  

Plot, settings, characters. These are the building blocks of your story. But what’s the glue that...     more »