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Rachel Unwin

Rachel Unwin

Question: What do you love most about writing fiction?

Writing fiction means you're not limited by real-world rules. You can let your imagination run free, create your own people and places, your own world. Reality can be suspended, made up. I love being able to take a real-life idea (quantum physics, for example) and using my imagination to expand on it. Dark energy and black holes can be whatever you want them to be, schizophrenia can be an angel or demon's way of speaking to us, etc. I live a real life, I don't want to read or write about other people's.

About Rachel Unwin

I live in Tasmania, Australia and am the single mother of two wondrous children who are becoming the kind of adults I actually want to spend time with. I am a full-time author, I spend my days and nights writing (currently on the second book of my Proxy series) while getting told off by my family for ignoring them. I can't help it, I get engrossed when writing and hear nothing around me.

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