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Meliha Avdic

Meliha Avdic

Question: What do you love most about writing fiction?

The possibilities are endless.

Even though my preferred genre is writing fiction based on reality and true events, I love the fact that in fiction I can combine multiple personalities and events to create an entertaining story that is also educational and informative.

Furthermore, fiction allows us to articulate and describe a problem in surreal terms even when the problem is real and many people are affected. This helps those who are suffering to face the problem that they are going through in a non-invasive way, which is the first and most important step in recovery.

About Meliha Avdic

Meliha was born in Bosnia. When the war started in 1992, she was twelve years old. Few months into the war, Meliha left war-torn Bosnia with her mum and younger brother. They found a refuge in the UK, where Meliha spent most of her life.

Meliha graduated in Economics and then completed an MSc in Voluntary Action Management. She has two passions in life that fit together: Sector of Citizen Activism and Writing. She has often talked about how there should be a 'Citizen Activism Fiction' genre, and her first book, Just Another Life, would fit perfectly into this genre.

As an activist, Meliha spends a lot of her time talking to people, finding out how they live and what they think. As a writer, she takes what she learns in the field and applies it to write motivational and informative stories, often based on reality.

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